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The 15 Most Popular Product Types During Black Friday in 2020

Brad Russell

Brad Russell

Everyone loves to shop, and Australians are certainly not an exception. According to, households spend approximately $666 billion in 2016 alone. Some of the products that Aussies habitually purchase are for personal care, fashion, gadgets, and beauty.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop and get a chance to save some dollars? Fortunately, there’s Black Friday to look forward to every year to enjoy discounts on beauty products, clothing, home appliances, and more! If this is the first time you have heard about Black Friday, learn more about this event here. And if you missed the Black Friday sales, don’t worry! You have got until Cyber Monday to catch up on great deals online.

Much like Halloween, Black Friday is an American phenomenon, along with Cyber Monday, that has found its way to Australia. It’s not anywhere near as wild as many stores in the US. However, several local brands in Australia, as well as online stores, have incorporated Black Friday into their pre-Christmas offerings. It is arguably the best time of the year to kickstart your festive shopping activity by locating the heavily discounted range of products.

Time passes quickly, and it will soon be Black Friday and Cyber Monday all over again. What should you expect this 2021? As usual, there will be unbelievably low prices on various products across different shopping categories, such as lifestyle, garden, home, fashion, and beauty. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to plan what you should spend before the sales start.

To get an idea of where to begin, let us take a look at the biggest-selling product types during the Black Friday sale in 2020:


1. Gaming

Video games and accessories, such as noise-cancelling headphones, are always a big hit. People take part in Black Friday to grab the newest in the tech scene, especially in gaming. Last year, some of the latest games that came out were Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition and Gears 5 for Xbox and Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch.

Gaming accessories were also bestsellers, which included controllers and even controller skin covers.


2. Video Doorbell

Safety first! Australians are keen on securing their property 24/7, especially when they are not at home or are asleep. With a doorbell camera, they can easily spot if something is amiss. It is why homeowners looked for video doorbell deals.

A video doorbell works like a digital checkpoint for your property.


3. Home and Garden

New pillows for the bedroom and throw pillows for the living room sofa were among the top-selling items during Black Friday 2020 in Australia. Many people looked forward to purchasing new items to beautify their homes and gardens. Therefore, sales of products in this category jumped 50%.


4. Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless earbuds or Bluetooth earphones – whatever you would like to call them – had a significant price drop during Black Friday last year. For example, Bose SoundSport Free reduced the average cost by more than 40%. A few of Samsung’s newest earbuds were also on sale.


5. Robot Vacuums

A robot vacuum is a product that ticks all the boxes. How? It’s a high-ticket purchase, and at the same time, it is evergreen with a high perceived value. The cleaning machine was also available at a much lower price during Black Friday.

The robot vacuum is easy to use and incredibly efficient.


6. Beddings

Most of the items that you’re looking forward to purchasing to update your home interiors are present on Black Friday sales. A wide range of beddings can be found with local and international brands offering huge discounts on their products. An example is local linen house Bed Threads, which presented a 15% discount on all products starting Black Friday until Cyber Monday.


7. Smartphones

If you have been holding off purchasing a new smartphone, you have made a great decision. New models are out, and you could get a huge discount. Both new and older smartphones were up for grabs with tantalising discounts during Black Friday 2020. Some of the top-selling devices were Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, Google Pixel 5, and Oppo Find X2 Neo. Of course, iPhones have their cult followings with major sales on iPhone SE and iPhone XS.


8. Clothing

According to, more than 50% of Australians purchase clothes whenever they go online shopping. There is a significant difference between the number of consumers that buy clothing and those that opt for games, music, books, and movies (ranked second). That is why it is not surprising that clothing was one of the most popular products sold during Black Friday 2020 in Australia.

Whether it's online shopping or going to physical stores, clothing, shoes and other fashion items have great deals during black friday.


9. Shoes and Other Fashion Items

Australians who love to go shopping for new items to add to their wardrobe showed their support for the fashion industry. Sales for clothing, shoes, and other similar items were up 41% from the previous year.


10. Toys

Games involving electronics are not the only ones with a strong following in Australia. Parents, friends, and relatives with children shopped seriously during Black Friday last year. Themed toys, such as LEGO, Paw Patrol, and other cartoon characters from movies and TV shows, were the best sellers. Educational and interactive toys were also popular, with families choosing them to help with the development of their children.


11. Skincare Products

Skincare in Australia is a rising industry. People are beginning to understand the importance of taking care of their skin while they are still young. It is never too late to start a skincare routine, so Aussies turned to last year’s Black Friday to get the best deals. Facial washes in different forms, such as gel and foam, are quite popular, along with moisturisers. Many people, particularly women, take advantage of discounts on anti-aging products, sunscreens, and anti-acne.


12. Smartwatches

Any tech and portable device can easily sell like hotcakes during Black Friday. Because of the pandemic, several people have started watching their weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A smartwatch is one of the products that can help in the journey, which is probably why it was among the biggest selling items in 2020.

Aside from being able to communicate just by using your smartwatch, you can also use it to track your health too.


13. 4K TVs

Black Friday is always a wonderful time for those wanting to upgrade their home entertainment system. Buy the latest 4K TV of your choice and even pair it with soundbars. The prices are insanely low, making it difficult to resist purchasing. Some of the biggest selling TV brands for 2020 were LG, Samsung, Hisense, and Sony Bravia.


14. Laptops

Much like holding off buying a new smartphone, laptops are an excellent item to purchase during the Black Friday sale. Gaming laptops with impressive specs are undoubtedly expensive, but you get further savings when you buy during the event. For this reason, laptops have consistently ranked as one of the top-selling products each year. As for the brand, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Razer, and Acer are among the favourites.


15. Cameras

All forms of cameras are on sale during Black Friday. That is why it is not surprising that cameras are among the most popular products in the 2020 event. Aussies searched for cameras they could use for vlogging, social media posting, and video recording.

Since cameras were on sale last year but there are still travel restrictions, people at home have been using it for vlogging and posting on social media.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have never shown signs of slowing down in recent years. We expect that 2021 will even outperform last year, especially with the world gradually going back to normal. As a consumer, you could be in luck this 2021 because retailers may extend their deals. That way, more shoppers, particularly those looking for gifts during the Christmas season, will be enticed to buy.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sale at the end of the year. We’re sure it will be phenomenal as usual. So, mark your calendars, list the items you’d like to purchase and check back here to find the best deals and discounts for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.