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7 Effective Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2021

Effective marketing strategy creates trust among prospective customers.
Brad Russell

Brad Russell

Black Friday has consistently become one of the busiest shopping days in Australia since it was introduced. Just in 2018, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend was the largest event in the country’s e-commerce history. And if you’re wondering, “What is Black Friday?” and what the craze is all about, we have a blog post discussing this shopping event in full detail.

Black Friday sales in Australia have gone up since its launch, and the trend continues to go upwards. That’s why it’s not surprising that several small and medium businesses try to participate in this prominent event.

As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering if it is even possible for you to compete with huge brands. But the beauty of Black Friday is that it is for everyone, including small enterprises. Although Black Friday sales are generally made up of in-store purchases, many businesses turn to their eCommerce site to promote their brand, product, and service.

It’s time to take advantage of the increasing percentage of shoppers going online to search for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. So the question is this: is your website ready for Black Friday? This blog post provides marketing strategies that help increase traffic, attention, and of course, sales.

Let’s start.


1. Prepare Your Website

Many business owners want their site to look flashy and attractive. However, customers are not always about the look. If you do not have a speedy website, no one would be interested in visiting it. More than 50% of visitors click away if the page does not load in under three seconds. Therefore, you should start with site speed, which you can test through PageSpeed Insights, powered by Google. Other alternatives are GTmetrix, KeyCDN, and Pingdom.

Examine the results you receive from the tools mentioned. For example, if you use PageSpeed Insights, the tool highlights specific problems and opportunities. You will also get a report with details on how you can fix the issues.


2. Update the Descriptions of Your Products

Your goal should be to make your products irresistible. And you can achieve that with product descriptions, which help you sell more. If you already have product descriptions, make sure they contain “power words” that convince people to buy. These power words are unique to your business because they depend on your audience. Therefore, you must know exactly who your audience is to determine which words have meaning to them.

Your job is to choose words that arouse emotions and cause an action (which is to buy). Product descriptions should create a connection to your audience. Examples of power words include:

  • “You” to speak directly to the audience
  • “Because” to give them a reason why
  • “Or” for the freedom to choose
  • “Imagine” for sharing through storytelling
  • “Hurry,” “Available only for a limited time,” to create a sense of urgency
  • “Be one of the few” to make the offer seem exclusive
  • “Insider,” “Secret” for gaining confidential information
  • “Authentic,” “Certified” for providing reassurance

There are many other powerful words that you can use. If you know your audience, you can select the correct phrases that will effectively connect to them.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to optimise for search engines. For example, make sure that Google is aware of your Black Friday event in Australia, so your message is shared throughout the web space. Update your product images, too. Successful marketing campaigns always have eye-catching photos to entice people to buy.


3. Offer Discounts

Promos are the core of Black Friday. Discounts, sale, price cuts – whatever you want to call it- are exactly what people are searching for. There’s no rule to follow regarding which item to put up for sale. But you can figure out which items you want to sell more of and which to sell less of. Aim to reduce the costs of products that your target audience perceive as valuable.

Discounts encourage more sales. Therefore, you need to develop a strategy to determine which products should be discounted. And if their prices are reduced, will it motivate more people to buy more items? Ask yourself this question to find out if your sales strategy will work.

Discounts and special offers encourage more sales.


4. Publish Some Black Friday and Cyber Monday Content

Writing content for Black Friday attracts both humans and search engines. Content also includes images and graphics, as well as Black Friday ads, emails, and social media posts. During this time, you may want to come up with giveaways or unique sales plans. It helps if you put more focus on the items whose prices you would like to slash. Talk about their benefits and why people should purchase them.

For your social media posts, have an attention-grabbing headline and a tantalising image. That way, the readers will immediately click on the post, which will redirect them to your website.


5. Aim to Increase Order Value

Increasing the Average Order Value helps make the best of sales. For example, you can tell your customers that they will save more if they buy three or more of the same products. It is a solid technique that allows businesses to profit more from each transaction. This tactic is also a good alternative if you do not want to discount all your products. Instead, you can say that they will receive 35% off if they buy two or more items.


6. Select a Black Friday Sale Idea That Will Work for You and Your Audience

You have several choices when it comes to the sale techniques that you can apply to your products. Here are some examples of these Black Friday sale ideas that can help boost your gains:

  • Hourly or Daily Flash Sale: Customers are sure to keep coming back to check for the item/s that they would like to purchase at a discounted price. If you plan to have several flash sales in a day, it helps if buyers know which ones are up for sale at a specific time.
  • Donate to Charity: Announce that a percentage of sales will go to a specific charity. It does not have to be a massive amount of money. Even a tiny percentage will be worth it.
  • Minimum Spend Rewards: Incentivising people to buy is easier with rewards by telling them to spend a certain amount of money. You can also have the bonuses in tiers, encouraging customers to purchase more to get even more rewards.
  • Product Bundles: Bundle items, especially those that people usually purchase together, and provide a discount. It’s a flexible tactic that you can customise depending on what you think works best for your business. For example, you can bundle all the Black Friday best sellers together into a single unit.
  • Free Shipping: If you’re not keen on offering cash discounts, you have other options, including providing free shipping. It’s an irresistible offer for many people (usually because of the word “free”). However, ensure that you have clear terms and conditions for such a promotion.

Suppose you do not like the ideas mentioned above. In that case, you still have other options to look into, such as VIP discounts, gift cards, and free memorabilia. You can also send a mystery offer to a customer’s email that includes a code for a discount or reward. This method gives you an idea of whether the recipients read the email, which tells you if the email campaign is effective.

Sale Techniques such as Free Shipping is an irresistible offer for online shoppers.


7. Track Your Data and Improve for the Next Black Friday Event

Don’t feel bad if you did not reach your revenue goal this Black Friday. Learn from your experience and see which area requires improvement. Perhaps you need to reach out to more people or be more aggressive in your email campaigns. You may have skipped updating your product descriptions, or you didn’t add new content to your website. There’s always the next Black Friday shopping experience in Australia to look forward to. Alternatively, you can try your luck with similar events, such as Cyber Monday or Boxing Day.

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