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Alternatives to Black Friday

Black Friday Sale
Brad Russell

Brad Russell

Are you planning to enjoy Black Friday, but you dread the long lines and overly enthusiastic buyers? Maybe you just missed Black Friday. Now, you are searching for a possible substitute for this world-famous shopping event.

Black Friday has become the symbol of Christmas shopping in many parts of the world, including Australia. But sometimes, you become so busy preparing for the upcoming holidays that you forget to participate in this fascinating event.

No matter what your reason may be for missing out on Black Friday, the good news is there are other options for you. It’s not the only time of the year when you can satiate your need to buy new gadgets, home appliances, or beauty products.

Are you wondering when you can get to your shopping spree? We’re here to give you the next best options. Don’t worry; we’re not about to tell you to join the #BuyNothingDay movement, which is popularized by groups who despise consumerism. Instead, we will give you other choices if you did not make it for the prestigious shopping season.

Mark your calendars for the following Black Friday alternatives:


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

When: 29 November 2021
Why Shop: You can shop in the comfort of your own home. You’ll find a significant drop in online prices of various products, especially laptops, TVs, smartwatches, and mobile phones.

Cyber Monday transpires every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving. With many shoppers switching to online shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not surprising how huge this online event has become. It was introduced in November 2005. Back in the day, only a few countries like Canada, France, and Portugal. Today, many countries have joined in, including Australia.

Cyber Monday launched in Australia on 20 November 2012, seven years after the first-ever Cyber Monday in the US. Aussie online retailers dubbed it as Click Frenzy, but many others use the two terms separately.

After the crazy sales on Black Friday, many people are still unsatisfied with their purchases. They want more! But the holidays are fast approaching, and no one wants to deal with large crowds right now. This reason is precisely why Cyber Monday has become a huge hit.


Cyber Monday Australia Deals 2021

If you’re looking forward to spending some money on Cyber Monday, you will most likely see deals focusing on tech goods. In recent years, however, the discounts closely resemble Black Friday offers. So, while you will find great deals for new laptops, TVs, smartphones, and smartwatches, there are also discounts for the following products:

  • Mattresses
  • Coffee machines
  • Beauty products
  • Health-related products
  • Dresses and shoes
  • Pressure cookers and other appliances

In 2020, we saw plenty of sales, especially with the slashed prices of Bluetooth earphones, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, and memory foam mattresses. It’s expected that the same deals will be available for the upcoming Cyber Monday 2021.


Green Monday

Green Monday is usually on the second Monday of December.

When: 13 December 2021
Why Shop: If you’re busy during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekends, Green Monday may be the best time for you to ensure presents are ready before Christmas begins.

Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Green Monday is not recognised in many countries. It emerged in 2007 and was launched by eBay. Green Monday was initially designed to showcase the best-selling products in December. This event would often begin every second Monday of December, which eBay found as the last day for shoppers to have their purchases delivered in time for the holidays. However, ComScore, a business research organisation, defined Green Monday as the last Monday that’s at least 10 days before Christmas.

Although Green Monday is not celebrated worldwide, it has garnered billions of sales since its launch. More than US$850 million went to the event in 2009 in the US alone. Three years later, sales surpassed $1 billion and became the second most successful online shopping event after Cyber Monday in 2012.


Green Monday 2021 in Australia

Many Australian shoppers look forward to Green Monday, which takes place on the second Monday in December this 2021 (on the 13th). While Cyber Monday remains popular for online buyers in the country, Green Monday is perfect for those who are looking to make last-minute purchases.

Participating stores post their Green Monday deals on their websites and social media. Others are accessible through Cyber Monday sites. If you have a favourite retailer in mind where you did not get the chance to buy last Thanksgiving, you can try your luck on Green Monday. You may have forgotten to buy presents for some people. You’ll find discounts on shoes, dresses, make-up products, and a few electronic devices during this event.


Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day offers the best deals on Amazon products.

When: No Confirmed Date Yet (See details below)
Why Shop: It’s Amazon’s biggest sales event, and you may want to participate if you love shopping and you’re a Prime subscriber.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is looming on the horizon. Rumours have already started flowing in, especially with the details regarding the actual dates of this event in Australia. Due to the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day 2020 was delayed until October. When it was introduced in 2015, Prime Day kicked off in July. A special 24-hour sale opened for Amazon Prime members, a loyalty and benefits program of the online shopping platform. Since then, it has become an annual event, allowing the retail giant to achieve billions, including US$1.4 billion in 2020.

With Prime Day pushed back in 2020, there is still no official announcement from Amazon for the 2021 event. However, the company did confirm that Prime Day will happen this year, with potential dates as early as June. According to Amazon’s Seller Forums, sellers were asked to submit proposals until 23 April for their deals and 28 May for vouchers. These deadlines indicate that Prime Day may return to its usual schedule in July. However, it could start earlier this year with the earliest on 14 and 15 June.

Amazon will most likely announce the official dates two weeks before the start date. If you’re interested, you should keep track of the event around the first or second week of June.


Amazon Prime Day in Australia

Australian shoppers look forward to Amazon Prime Day. Aussies are reported to spend AU$3.4 billion during the 2020 event. With many people coping with the changes brought about by the pandemic, it’s expected that this figure will be even more significant this year.

In 2020, over one million deals were available during the two-day event. Some of the brands with discounted offers were Nescafe, LEGO, Nintendo, Samsung, Toshiba, and Philips. Australians were primarily interested in snapping up deals from various categories, including electronics, hair and skin care products, and light fixtures.

Examples of deals included:

  • Save AU$70 on Amazon Echo Show 8 (originally AU$229)
  • Save AU$200 on Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 (originally AU$599)
  • Save AU$100 on Nintendo Switch + Minecraft (originally AU$509)

This 2021, Amazon Prime Day is expected to provide hefty discounts once again on its own devices. Therefore, if products like Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and Blink security cameras are a part of your wish list, you can save more if you wait until the event.


Click Frenzy

When: 9 November 2021 for the Main Event
Why Shop: It’s Australia’s version of Cyber Monday!

Click Frenzy officially began in 2012, and since then, it has become an annual affair. Aussies love spending money on sale events like Click Frenzy because of the big price slashes on numerous product categories.

This shopping event started as Valentine’s Day promotion, running until 14 February. But it was considered an unofficial event. Click Frenzy Travel kicked off the official shopping event, held on 20 April. Shoe Frenzy then followed on 29 April. You can see the complete list of events on the website’s calendar here.


What to Expect for Click Frenzy 2021

Sales in 2020 were mainly focused on video game consoles. Some lucky Aussie buyers were able to purchase tech products like Apple AirPods for only AU$3. That’s a hefty discount. You can get new gadgets and other items that cost less than your next lunch at Maccas.

The main event, which took place in November 2020, saw various items with a 99% off the price tag. TVs, headphones, drones, gift cards, and others could be yours for just a few dollars. But these lightning deals can be gone in a blink of an eye. So, we recommend not getting your hopes up on these enticing sales since they are literally up for grabs for a few seconds.


Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday held during the Saturday after Thanksgiving

When: 27 November 2021
Why Shop: Show your support for local small businesses by purchasing their goods on Small Business Saturday.

2019 was a good year for Small Business Saturday. The shopping event smashed its records by hitting US$19.6 billion in sales. The pandemic may have played a vital role in why consumers expressed their interest in spending more money on small businesses.

Small Business Saturday is a one-day event where people can show their appreciation for small businesses in their communities. It’s an excellent way to encourage others to shop locally. Shoppers celebrate this annual holiday on the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. Therefore, it’s the day after Black Friday.

American Express established this special day back in 2010. Five years later, the Small Business Administration (SBA) co-sponsored the event and has been doing so ever since. Just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday has become a staple in the holiday shopping season in the US. Other countries followed suit, including the UK, Canada, and Australia.


Small Business Saturday 2021 in Australia

Small businesses account for 35% of the country’s gross domestic profit, and about 93.8% of all the employing enterprises are considered “small.” According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO), these local businesses employ 44% of the total workforce in Australia. In Western Australia, there are more than 225,000 small businesses, encompassing a massive 97% of all organisations throughout the state.

Even though these figures seem impressive, it has always been difficult for small businesses to compete with bigger names, such as Amazon. And that’s why Small Business Saturday is crucial for them.

This annual holiday aims to drive awareness regarding the role of small businesses. Through Small Business Saturday, shoppers can put their money into organisations, both online and offline, which are run by their fellow community members.

With the vast majority of these small firms, it’s always possible that you can find what you are looking for. Just like Black Friday, this Saturday event has retailers slashing their prices. Most small businesses, though, will retain the costs of their products. However, you will usually receive free items, including an upcoming product.


Boxing Day

Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday observed by commonwealth nations.

When: 26 December 2021 and 28 December 2021 (Public Holiday)
Why Shop: Thousands of shops and stalls are open on Boxing Day, offering massively reduced prices.

Boxing Day takes place the day after Christmas. It’s believed to have originated as a way for people to give gifts to others, especially the poor. However, it later evolved into a shopping holiday in many countries, including Australia. Boxing Day is primarily celebrated in Germany, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia, among others. In South Australia, Boxing Day is known as Proclamation Day.

Many Australians believe that the name of this holiday comes from people disposing of boxes from the presents they received. The notion is interesting, but the tradition came from England way back during the Middle Ages. It’s theorised that Boxing Day had something to do with priests opening boxes with the churchgoers’ alms. The money gathered would later be donated to organisations or shelters.


Shopping During Boxing Day

Shopping complexes, retail shops, and others operate on Boxing Day to accommodate post-Christmas shoppers. People still look for gifts after Christmas, but most customers are simply hunting for bargain prices. Boxing Day sales are perfect for those planning to buy big-ticket items. Some of the discounted products include categories like fashion, tech, beauty, and home.

The following retailers have been participating in this event for more than three years now:

  • Sephora
  • Nasty Gal
  • Kogan AU
  • The Iconic
  • ASOS
  • The Good Guys
  • eBay

Physical retailers, on the other hand, also offer discounted prices for their products. Most of the offers are also available on their websites. Some of the names that often have in-store and online deals are Myer, Target, and David Jones.


Never Miss Another Deal

Black Friday is still one of the busiest days of the year, with millions of shoppers spending their time and hard-earned money on a wide variety of products. But if you’re still apprehensive about going to physical stores or free time does not fall on 26 November 2021, you have many alternatives to consider. From Cyber Monday to Amazon Prime Day to Boxing Day, these shopping events can land you some excellent deals, just in time to stock up on Christmas gifts for your family and friends.